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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 12, 2019 3:00am-4:01am PST

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the world. this is "new day," february 12th, 6:00 a.m. there is a deal to prevent the shutdown with new fencing on the border and a deal between democrats and congress, a new deal among itself. instead of saying, they, what's in it, the president spoke at a rally telling the crowd he was choosing politics over policy. $1.375 billion for fencing and other physical barriers along a 55 mile stretch along the rio grand valley. that's not a wall but fencing. $41,000 for detention beds and nearly $2 billion increase in spending for the department of homeland security. we do not know if the president
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will sign on. we do know the co-president doesn't like it. sean hannity called it a garbage compromise. >> and the group that helped push the president towards a shutdown in december. it is a fraction of the $5.7 billion the president has demanded for a border wall. the president revived his hard line immigration talk at a rally in el paso, texas. he repeated false claims about the crime rate and beta o'rourke held a dueling rally arguing the wall and lives. >> we reached a tentative agreement between us. >> reporter: bipartisan groups saying they reached a tentative
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compromise. >> reporter: does the white house support this? >> we think so, we hope so. >> reporter: the president telling a crowd in el paso last night he had not yet been fully briefed. >> maybe progress has been made, maybe not. i had a choice. i could have stayed out there and listened or come out to the people in el paso and texas. i chose you. >> reporter: the deal includes nearly $1.4 billion for 55 miles of new barrier in the rio grand valley. funding for 40,000 detention beds and $1.7 billion increase in overall dhs spending. the funding for the barrier is just above the $1.3 billion the senate offered last year president trump rejected leading
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to the government shutdown. democrats appearing to drop their demand for a strict cap on immigrants detained within the united states. >> not a single one of us will get every single thing we want but we will get what is best for the united states. >> reporter: the details of the bill immediately coming under fire by conservatives. >> what has been outlined tonight is not a serious attempt at securing our borders. >> $1.3 billion? not even a wall, a barrier? any republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain. >> reporter: a white house official says the administration is floating another option. taking the deal but using the president's executive powers to divert other federal funds to build additional barriers, something the president and his supporters have eluded to. >> there's pots of me on the
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president and others have access to without a national emergency. >> we're building the wall anyway. >> reporter: a democratic aide cautioned there is a ton of work to do. the president has nothing on his schedule today but set to meet new york governor andrew cuomo. >> thank you. democratic congresswoman lowery, the chairwoman of the house appropriations committee! i know you had a late night. we appreciate you being here to explain to us what happened. as joe just laid out, let me put u one more time what we know you came up with. $1.375 billion for 55 miles in the rio grand valley of, a new barrier. funding for out for,520 i.c.e. beds and $1.7 billion increase
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in overall dhs spending for technology, ports of entry, security, custom officers and humanitarian aid. >> i must tell you, it is interesting for me because as we left the conference we agreed we weren't going to release the details. it sounds to me you have a good number of the details. i think it's important to remember we got together as appropriators. this is a compromise. no one got everything they wanted. it does secure the border and does represent our values. i am cautiously optimistic we can get support from republicans, democrats, people who really want to keep the government open, want to secure our borders and want to do the right thing for all the parties who are involved in this. >> congresswoman louie, let's talk about your cautious optimism. i want to know what it's founded
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on? do you have any question the president might sign this, different than he asked for. 55 miles of barrier is different than where he was campaigning in 2015 for a thousand miles of a wall he then went to 800 miles of a wall, then 500. 55 miles of barrier. what makes you think the president is going to sign this? >> this bill was negotiated by republicans and democrats, senators and members of congress. we tried to put together a bill again that represents our vowels, democrats and republicans, and does the job in securing our border. i feel confident that there will be strong support, both sides of the aisle. no one wants to shut down the government. we all want to protect our borders. we all understand how important it is to have homeland security working effectively, responsibly, doing the job they're supposed to be doing. i feel confident we can get
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together and pass this. i want to make it clear this is a bill the speaker supports. we have discussed this. there is strong support from all parts of our caucus. i feel confident we can get this done. >> did you get some signal from the white house? did you get some signal from the chief of staff of the white house, yes, this is something the president would sign? >> look, i don't listen to the signals from above, i listen to the words of my colleagues working with me negotiating this bill. i think the senators and the members of congress, kay granger, were strongly supportive of this compromise. i am cautiously optimistic we will get this through. what's very important here. we have to protect our border, we have to make sure we maintain our values and we have to get bipartisan support to get this passed. as of last night, where we were
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supposed to keep all the details quiet until they were owl worked out. remember, in a bill like this, it is thick, there are a lot of details. we were not going to release them. you all did a very good job and got a lot of the main numbers. >> thank you. that's how reporting often works. we appreciate you saying we're on target with most of this. does it concern you sean hannity, who the president listens to a lot, calls it a garbage deal and jim jordan tweeted this, while the president was giving a great speech in el paso, congress was putting together a bad deal on immigration, #dowhatwesaid. >> that probably confirmed to me it's a good deal. i would hope sean hannity and the others you mentioned aren't running this government. this is a bipartisan deal between house and democrats, and i think we came up with
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something all parties can accept. some didn't want to accept. we cannot shut the government downed. i'm proud to be an appropriator and worked with my colleagues. we constructed a very good bill that will secure our border. >> the only reason i bring up the sean hannity thing, i can't remember anymore when it was, you thought you had a deal in december, ann coulter and matt drudge didn't like it and the president backed off. >> when we sat around this table and negotiated this deal, we didn't call sean hannity or ann coulter or the people you mentioned. this is a deal negotiated between republicans and democrats, house and senate. we think we came to a good compromise again that would secure our border because that's the goal. we have to uphold our values, secure our border, get a deal
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that we can support, and i think we did a good job. >> speaker of the house, nancy pelosi had said not a single dllar for a border wall. now, you're offering $1.3 billion for a border barrier. >> you're describing it. i guess you got the words from the negotiation. this is not a wall, this is a barrier, these are fences. i think $1.375 is a good number. you got the number. i didn't give the number. we were putting the bill together and getting all the details in place. i guess someone got the details. >> congresswoman, what if the president uses executive powers to take money from a different government pot say for disaster victims. what if he does that? will you feel cheated in this deal or is that okay and that's his prerogative? >> look, right now i want to make it clear, senator shelby, the chair of the appropriations
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committee in the senate, senator leahey, kay granger, republican and i negotiated this deal. i didn't get everything i wanted. it's a deal i think represents our values and will secure the border and do the job it's intended to do. by the time, along with this, the other bills we have to pass very important for the environment and healthcare and all the issues we have a responsibility to fund. so this is a good deal and i'm hoping it will continue to have strong bipartisan support. i've been in the congress for a while. you can't get everyone to love what you do but you negotiate. that's what appropriators do. i think this is a good negotiation and i'm very pleased with the way it turned out. >> but if the president uses executive powers to take more money to guest more money for his barrier or his wall, how will you feel? >> i think that there will be
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bipartisan response from the senate and the house that we acted, this is the bill and there are going to be a lot of discussions but i am cautiously optimistic that those who don't want to shut the government down will support this compromise. it's a good deal. >> congresswoman nita lowery we appreciate you being on with us and tell us about your late night negotiations. >> i like the endorsement of the reporting, we have done and the "times." the details are out there largely because i think the conferees want them out there. what we don't know is if the president will sign onto this bill. we do know the co-president, sean hannity doesn't like it. plus, did beta o'rourke more-or-less tell our reporter he is running for president? listen for yourself next.
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overnight, while you might have been sleeping or perhaps average cho anchoring "ac 360" the president chose not to know the details of the deal.
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that was the policy. remarkable. about a thousand yards away, a possible 2020 challenger was taking his biggest step towards the race today talking about beta o'rourke. in the middle of it all in el paso, jeff joins us now with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. not only were these rallies within view of each other, in earshot of each other. as beta o'rourke was taking the stage, he was urging people saying the eyes of the world were on the u.s. at that time. at the same time, you could hear strains of god bless america playing as president trump was entering the stage what republicans are hoping are competing views for 2020. >> i love this state and the people of this state. beach had a great romance together, you know that. >> reporter: president trump choosing el paso for his first campaign rally of the year. not everyone in the border city was feeling that love.
3:18 am
♪ >> reporter: just outside the rally, a march against trump and the border wall. taking note one person in particular, former texas congressman beta o'rourke eyeing a presidential deal of his own. >> they say, they know o'rourke. that's his last name, right, o'rourke? they know o'rourke had a wonderful rally although about 15 people -- >> reporter: actually thousands but who is counting. >> this is where we make our stand. there's no better place i'd rather be and no one else i would rather do it with. i love you, el paso. the country is counting on us. let's do it. >> reporter: it was not exactly a duel at high noon but a show but regardless which democrat faces trump the president made
3:19 am
his case to spend billions on a border wall. >> walls save lives and save tremendous numbers of lives. >> reporter: his rally so close you could see him on the jumbotron behind o'rourke as he made the opposite case. >> we know walls do not save lives. walls end lives. >> reporter: o'rourke has captivated some democrats, searching for a candidate to believe in. despite narrowly losing his challenge to texas senator ted cruz last year, a point trump was eager to raise. >> a young man who has very little going for himself except he has a great first name, that may be the end of his presidential bid. >> reporter: long before o'rourke could ever take on trump he would have to survive an increasingly crowded democratic primary and he's yet to decide his democratic primary. >> reporter: how close are you? >> before the end of the month i'll make a decision.
3:20 am
>> reporter: it sure looks like a yes. >> reporter: one of the questions hanging over the democratic race, he says he's weighing the toll a run would take on his young family. but they were alongside him monday night. >> he certainly looked like a presidential candidate there marching with supporters and the crowd shouting, run, beto run. friends of his say they are not yet convinced he is going to run. they say he has serious concerns about his family. when i asked him he said he will do whatever is best to help the country. he looked like a serious candidate. i asked if he was tough enough to take on trump. he said, i'm optimistic, the kind of message he would give. there sure was a strong contrast between his message and the president. >> i'm not a body language
3:21 am
expert. when you said, are you running, he shook his head and leaned forward and nodded. so we'll see. >> we'll see. >> lawmakers have reached a tentative deal on border security. they just did it last night. there is the video of them being very tired making the announcement. >> you can see how excited they are in the picture. somebody get a defibrillator. but will they support this deal they cobbled together last night?
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i can worry about it, or doe. something t it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique breaking overnight a deal, a tentative deal in principle to prevent another government shutdown. a group of bipartisan lawmakers agreed on a bill there at agreed on $1.375 billion on fencing,
3:26 am
not a wall but fencing. will the president sign on? that this is giant unknown this morning. white house correspondent, jeff, and abbey, you are in washington, we are waiting for any sign, white smoke, black smoke that the president will sign on to it? any sense? >> reporter: notice what republican lawmakers said coming out of their conference. they hope the president will sign this but they don't know. the biggest problem from the beginning, it was never clear president trump would sign onto what they came up with. all the indications he's been giving in the last several weeks and days has been he does not believe the committee will give him something sufficient to satisfy his base on the wall's demands. the way out for president trump could be signing something like this, a partial cobbling together of money for border
3:27 am
security and fencing, and also going and trying to pull money from other parts of the federal government, to say, i will take what they gave me, build the wall that way, reopen the government and build the wall the way i feel it needs to be built. that may be the way out here. it's really not clear. i have to emphasize the fact people don't know where this will go when the president digests the feedback from his base and takes in the details of this deal. >> we just had congresswoman ni nita lou nita lowry on with us. she said there was a good faith bipartisan group here and when i said, they have been there
3:28 am
before and i asked about ann coulter and sean hannity, she dismissed that. >> they did what they were encouraged to do but realize the president can take this deal and add to it. we just don't know. the president has to be in a position he sccan argue to his base, this is good, we have the wall and down payment, let's build on that. if it looks like he's selling out it won't be good enough. you hear sean hannitys and chirping on the right, the president has to be able to answer that in pretty short order why he has in his words, set the table, whether national emergency or mulvaney's plan to move extra money around to bridge that gap. that may be the direction he's heading. who knows. remember, it was mitch mcconnell, who said to him, then paul ryan, speaker of the house, don't shut down the government. the president said, okay, i won't do that and then he did.
3:29 am
predicting what he will do is impossible. >> it's less mileage for a border barrier he could have received last spring and less money than they would give him in december. the president esdoes hadoes hav option to stand up to sean hannity. he doesn't have to do what he says and says we can keep paying the 800,000 workers. >> stop your crazy talk. >> it is very interesting to watch this going forward. we are literally glued to our computers this morning waiting to see if the president tweets. i was shocked the president told the crowd last night where you are in el paso on the stage, i could have learned about this deal and this issue so important we shut down the government for 35 days but i chose not to because i had to give a political speech. >> reporter: it was extraordinary but not surprising in any way. the fact was the first campaign
3:30 am
rally of this cycle was here in el paso for a reason. that was very important to the president and his base. just hours before or days before a potential shutdown, if he was interested in the details perhaps he would have wanted to be back at the white house. of course, he landed back there basically in the middle of the night. he will do something this morning. one thing interesting we should take note of. during the state of the union he did not talk about the shutdown, never mind he said he would own the shutdown and be proud of it in december, he saw what happened to it. republicans inside and outside the white house say they believe he saw the sting of that shutdown. most would be surprised if he would go that route. who knows? we thought at the end of december he would avoid a shutdown and he didn't. one thing that's different now he learned and saw what that was like and it hurt him politically. he also has the option of doing a national emergency after all
3:31 am
of this. we don't know exactly where he's going. that this is one with the new piece of information that was not there in december. we'll see what he says. i wouldn't look for him to make a determination early this morning. take in the news coverage of this and what people are saying and then make a decision. that is a lot of time for the opposition to get him. >> there was an interesting split screen between the president's rally and beta o'rourke's rally. they both talked about their feelings about a law. here's one little snippet. >> walls save lives. walls save tremendous numbers of lives. >> we know that walls do not save lives. walls end lives. >> they both got big crowds. you know, as you heard, beta
3:32 am
o'rourke said to jeff he will be making a decision by the end of the month. what did you see here? >> i saw a campaign by metaphor. that's what 2020 is going to be a lot about. because this issue has not been solved, comprehensive issue to solve the border and dreamers and because government has not been able to solve this problem in a comprehensive way since the last best chance when president bush had good ideas about it. this is a campaign issues out there and the wall is the most powerful metaphor. >> i saw a presidential candidate running for election, noticed the crowd size for beta o'rourke. that's one aspect how the president may run against him and struck how president trump went out of his way to look at the green new deal.
3:33 am
there were campaign themes an extension of the state of the union we saw. we saw how the president will campaign for reelection. >> yeah, you did. you saw the president testing outlines last night on a broader array of issues, whether in opposition to the green new deal suggesting something like that could reverse the economic progress the president has made since the recession. the big theme was the wall. the big signs was finish the wall. it's stroor a president who is residing over record low unemployment and residing over a very strong economy according to his own aides believes he has a very good message to tell, also chooses to narrow his message to this one issue, the border wall. it kind of drowns out other things he talks about at a rally like the one he had last night.
3:34 am
there still trying to figure this out. the tension for president trump is always going to be, the thing that excites his base turns off the rest of the country tired of this polarization and this wall issue, immigration issue has become so polarized in the last month of and a half since the shutdown. president trump has to deal with candidates like beta o'rourke and others, who will challenge him on the wall but will challenge him on tone and challenge him on a broader message about economic opportunity. if he can't figure out how to get that economic message or sorry types of messages to break through even with his own base it will be a challenge. you will see democrats trying to broaden the topics they talk about because they recognize the president ends up narrowing his focus so much when he's out on the campaign trail. >> jeff, quickly, we're almost out of town. you were with beta o'rourke. he's done with his soul
3:35 am
searching trip and from watching him and his body language, do you think, yes, in a couple weeks he announces he's getting in. >> reporter: it certainly seems like it. one thing i noticed was his family walking through this group of people. a lot of people were surrounding him. his children looked a little bit afraid by all these people screaming and chanting. i think what is happening in the o'rourke household this morning, how they viewed all that last evening, hearing those chants, they are still having a discussion about this. yes, it looked like he was going to run but certainly has left open the possibility of doing something else. i asked one supporter in the crowd said she loves him but she said she hopes joe biden runs and beta o'rourke is his vice-presidential candidate. even people in el paso aren't completely convinced. >> david, jeff, abby, thank you
3:36 am
very much. on the front lines to drive isis out of syria, our crew was very close to the crossfire. we will bring you there next.
3:37 am
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desperate isis fighters staging a surprise counterattack in eastern syria despite being cornered and outnumbered. watch this. the fighting on the front line was so intense our cnn crew which you see there had to pull back and get to a safer place. cnn international correspondent, ben wedeman is live in eastern syria. your video really captures the danger for all of us back here. >> reporter: yes. it was a dodgy moment there. what happened was there was early morning fog and isis took advantage of that to move forward. with the fog, it's very difficult for coalition aircraft and drones to spot moving targets on the ground. we saw they came over the bumper
3:41 am
that separates the town that is the last enclave of isis from the area of the u.s. backed democratic forces. they were moving for ward. we had a mortar round land next to the building we were in, in addition to rounds overhead. after that there were more strikes by the u.s. coalition and in the course of the day, they were able to push back. this incident really did underscore what a continuing danger these isis fighters pose despite the fact they have been under around the clock bombardment by coalition aircraft and artillery and mortars from british and french and american positions in the area and all the while those inside that town, it is becoming more precarious, we found there
3:42 am
aren't 1,500 civilians inside as some officials are telling us, they themselves have discovered there are thousands of people still inside that town, many of them being used as human shields. john. >> the tragedy goes on and danger goes on. ben wedeman, thank you for being on the ground for us. please, you and your crew stay safe. we saw beta o'rourke perhaps testing the presidential waters overnight. we have a fascinating analysis who will pick the next democratic nominee. there are real surprises. next. costa rica paraíso. first, we go to san marcos, costa rica. and meet sergio. that's his daughter, maria. sergio's coffee tastes spectacular. because costa rica's land is spectacular. so we support farmers like sergio. who use natural compost. made from coffee pulp. it helps keeps the soil healthy. and the coffee delicious. for the future of his community. that's sergio's neighbor, leo. sergio wants grandkids. which is making this very interesting. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee roasters.
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just days into a presidential campaign, senator amy klobuchar is pushing back against reports she mistreats her staff. >> i know i can be too tough sometimes and i can push too hard, that's obvious. a lot of it is because i have high expectations for myself and for the people that work with me. >> klobuchar is the fifth woman to announce her candidacy. the democratic party now has the most diverse group of candidates in history by a long shot. and are democratic primary voters becoming more diverse as well. senior editor at "the atlantic," a deep deep dive into the
3:47 am
democratic party electorate. give me first the new trends, where you think it is headed in terms of who will be voting more in 2020. >> what we did was looked at all the exit polls conducted in 2016, we compared them to a similar analysis of all the exit polls in 2008 in the democratic primary. it shows clear trends. the democratic primary electorate, the people that will pick this nominee are more diverse, better educated and female dominance, the widespread expectation is all these trends will accelerate in 2020. you look at 2018, the voters who recoiled the most from donald trump, it was the same groups. we will see an intensifying trend towards and electorate
3:48 am
more diverse and better educated and i don't think they realize how heavily slanted they are towards female voters. >> very heavily slanted, female voters and african-american women. the two largest gups are college educated white women, about 1/5 of all the voters in 2016. african-american women, about 16% of all the voters. you see the change. whites down to 62% and could hit 60%. non-white voters could hit 40% of the total. college educated voters moving into a majority and women, as we said, approaching 60% of all the voters. what we saw in 2008 and 2016 is that there was a 60 gender gap, particularly among white voters. women were more likely to vote
3:49 am
for the woman candidate, hillary clinton. that tilt is an important dynamic in this race. where these trends intersect, talking about college white women and african-american women, the two groups most alienated from donald trump. >> on paper and theory because you never know, is any candidate getting close to running best positioned to take advantage of this? >> you talks to campaigns on paper the person who most embodies what the democratic party is becoming is kamala harris, in the sense of a professional woman among college educated white woman and also has potential to be very strong among african-american women. women are two-thirds of all voters in the african-american
3:50 am
voters. the issue is how many straws are drawing from each pool and which candidates w candidates can consolidate their lanes faster is important deciding this race. there is a significant block of older voters and moderate voters. >> two points i want to make. counter intuitively, everyone says the democratic party is getting much much younger. that's not really the case, is it? >> no. 60% are over 45 in 2016. that's true across every group, white women, black men -- it still tilts older. millennials are growing as a share and may be larger in 2020, overall, there are a lot of older voters and someone like joe biden who may be targeted toward them will have that as a potential base. >> you look beyond the primary and electoral college map, what do these new maps tell you where
3:51 am
democrats may want to target votes? >> the shortest path back to the white house is winning back enough blue collar white voters to get those that the president dislodged. pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. but it is more diverse sunbelt states in this race, the fulcrum is arizona at the top of the list. over the long run they have to find a way to win in places like georgia, north carolina, texas and florida, places that reflect what their coalition is becoming. the diversity of the field is a reflection of the diversity of the coalition in 2020. >> ron brown, i recommend you check out the piece and it's a deep dive you haven't seen before or analyzed before. thanks for being on. >> thanks. >> be sure to watch a special town hall tonight, poppy harlow talks to former starbucks ceo,
3:52 am
howard schultz about a potential run. snow and ice will cause a mess along the east coast today. chad meyers has our forecast next. (vo) we're carvana,
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all right. snow and ice will disrupt travel in the midwest and northeast today. cnn meteorologist, chad myers, has our forecast. wow, this will be a long snowstorm. >> it is all the way from minneapolis and new york city and boston today. where the snow is right now, messy commute in detroit.
3:57 am
you might want to call out if you have plans today. even a few tornado warnings already this morning. this weather is brought to you by jared, deare to be devoted. your valentine's weather cupid here. maybe sleet mixing in at times. the snow does move into boston today. by later on tonight, you're 36 and it will all be melting. there is the snow, most of it from ontario and new england and by tomorrow it completely clears out and warms up. most of the snow north of pennsylvania and upstate new york and new england and where it will stay the rest of this week. look at boston. you get to 54. chamber of commerce weather in orlando going to spring break or winter break. 78 degrees on friday for the weekend and all weekend long for president day winter breakers. >> those winter breakers that look to president's day for the
3:58 am
winter break. appreciate it. here are your late night laughs. >> mulvaney said there's pots of money presidents have access to without a national emergency. and the president told him to find it, say, come to the light. and comey said it's very specific. >> okay, first push the law all the way forward and then push the law all the way back, then feather the sides of the law. >> congress is offering trump $2 billion for his border law instead of the $5.7 billion he asked for which means a lot of immigrants will bang their shins on the wall while they hop over. >> presidential candidate kamala harris said she smoked pot in college and i did inhale. and not to be outdone, bernie sanders claimed he never exhaled. >> you have to buy more. that's how they get you!
3:59 am
>> that's a good impersonation. >> not bad. >> thanks to our international viewers for watching. there is a possible deal, it was reached last night to avoid another government shutdown. "new day" continues right now. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." we do have breaking news because overnight, a bipartisan group of lawmakers came out and said they have a deal. they say they have come up with a solution for border security that will avoid another government shutdown this friday. here is what we know about their tentative plan. almost $1.4 billion for new fencing and other physical barriers. they are not calling it a wall but it will be along a 55 mile stretch of the rio grand valley. also, funding for more than 41,000 detention beds, more than democrats had wanted. and nearly $2 billion in spending for the department of
4:00 am
homeland security. at this hour, we do not know if president trump will support this deal. sean hannity, one of the president's closest allies, calls it a garbage compromise. >> what he says clearly matters. >> remember, they helped push the president towards the shutdown in december. the money for the border fencing is a fraction of the $5.7 billion the president has demanded for this border wall. it was a fascinating scene last night, as the president argued for a wall in el paso, there was a dueling event with beta o'rourke who looked and sounded like a presidential candidate than to date. jeff mcintosh, and charlie dent, a former republican member of congress. let's start with the news here.


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